Friday, March 14, 2008

Surigao Sex Scandal

I only spent a few days in Surigao, two nights of which in Mainit. Together with the bad weather were a number of many bad news... and one of these was the proliferation of Surigao Video Sex Scandal. The teenage girl in the video was said to be a Mainitnon.

I googled the video and indeed, I found it. It's 12-minute sex video taken from a TV screen (poor quality, 3rd generation copy) probably played using a VHS. The original may have the face of the boy, but the internet copy seem to deliberately showed only the face of the girl.

It's very disturbing because the internet sites with the videos have the name of the girl, the place where she came from, and even the school in Surigao City that she went to... courtesy of the comments of active visitors!

How would you feel if your daughter, or your sister, or even your mother is on a sex videotape? Or if the girl is your cousin, your relative, or your close friend?

Once a thing is on the internet, it will be there for a long, long time.

Now, what can the family do? What can we do?

We all commit mistakes, and these youngters had their piece. They cannot change it but they can learn from it. Other Mainitnons and Surigaonons can learn from it.

For the young... avoid sex at an early age (your body needs maturity to achieve full reproductive health) or avoid sex before marriage (you should hope for full maturity and readiness... pyschologically, economically, physically, etc, because most likely than not, you will have a baby, and you don't want to be unready). But if you can't avoid having sex ... never ever TRUST someone to have your sexcapades be put into pictures or videos. It will likely land on the internet, a point of no return!!!

For those who know the girl... please help in ensuring anonymity of the girl. Do not put her name online, or any personal circumstances, whatsoever... avoid the extra gossip. I maintain that the personality of the girl in the video is still not known... she could be a Mainitnon, she could be the girl as named online... but no one will really know unless the girl herself admits her identity.

For everyone else... what's your suggestion?

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