(Glossogobius giuris) is a freshwater fish native to Mainit Lake. It is called “biya” in Tagalog and “white goby or tank goby” in English. The term “pidjanga” is also sometimes fondly used to refer to the Mainitnons, the people of the Municipality of Mainit, a town in Southern Philippines. This blog hopes to capture potentials of Migrants Pidjangas for the Development of our Town by attempting to document development issues, folk stories, and current concerns, about the Pidjanga — both the fish and the people.

The Zimmbodilion

Thirty-four (34) years ago, on 30 September 1974, Mommy Bingbing, gave birth to a Pidjanga, who was later to be named Zimmbodilion! That was me!

Two weeks before I was born, during a prenatal check-up, a Butuanon doctor pronounced me to have no fetal heartbeat. A Butuan Hospital was the best medical facility within Daddy's and Mommy's reach because they were then living in the hinterlands of the Diwata Ranges of Agusan, helping indigenous people (the Manobo). To save Mommy's life, the doctor recommended that I be removed through a surgical operation. Daddy refused to accept the recommendation and flew to Manila right away.

Mommy was brought straight to St. Lukes Hospital in Quezon City. There was no available room. With few calls and some connections, Daddy was offered the Presidential Suite. While Mommy was on the operating table, Daddy stayed in the hospital chapel, and stormed the heavens with prayer.

By dawn, I came out via normal delivery. A healthy baby!

Miracle? or Medical glitz?

Whatever it was... my parents were very delighted to see their firstborn, healthy and bouncing!

I think every parent wants the BEST name for their children. For their firstborn, who was almost aborted due to weird medical results, my parents named me ZIMMBODILION, a coined name.

ZIMMBO, according to Daddy, was a local radio drama character hero who had exceptional courage, nobility and strength, while DILION was taken from a dictionary of names (which until now I failed to find) which meant Prince of Intelligence.

Obviously, upon my baptism in the Catholic Church, the priest had to question my name. The Catholic tradition, then, requires that every member should have a Christian name. Daddy chose PETER, after one of Jesus' great apostles, St. Peter. (Unfortunately, my Catholic records forgot to include Peter, hence I removed it in my official papers even after using it consistently from kindergarten until I graduated in college).

With those VERY HEAVY meanings and with more than a dozen letters to write, one can imagine the burden it brings. Fortunately, it did not. Instead, at an early age, I learned to write very fast, which I think was a great advantage because while the rest were still writing and I was already finished, I had the time to review, reflect, and think beyond the current discussions. It became my motto to submit FIRST in every project, exam, and competition. And while growing up, Daddy instilled in us, speed and accuracy. Being first to finish also meant having more time to ensure that your answers were accurate.

Technically, by definition, I am a Tagalog. I was born in Quezon City, spoke Tagalog as my "first language", and had my first taste of schools in this city.

But I choose to be a Pidjanga because I was brought up where the Pidjanga is - Mainit, Surigao del Norte. My formative years were spent there. And my values and character were shaped up by families of the Pidjanga tradition, of which I am very proud of.

I believe in the Pidjanga and I believe there are other great Pidjangas out there. Be it through individual contributions or a joint and collective efforts, I strongly believe that WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE and be able to build a strong township and people. I envision that this blog will be among the venues to which those contributions will be channeled. Please help me realize this vision by ensuring your participation are geared towards our common good and aimed at the development of our town.

Please use our comment features (Cbox, Post Comments, Emails) responsibly.

Postscript: Daddy and Mommy eventually had three sons. My second brother was named KIRCHEULZ (a 10-letter name with no letter being repeated and pronounced KI-ZEEL). He was eventually named Paul Kircheultz, of which Paul was suggested by the same priest who baptized me. Learning from the "baptismal requirements", our parents named our youngest JOHN KARACHI. Daddy also adopted a new name coining selected names of his godparents: Hilarionito Mentalbouni Fukusima Simchico Mosende. Indeed, an inventor of names.

And to those who remembered my birthday, muchas gracias! I wish the same to you, more bountiful blessing and happiness!

Sep 2008

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silingan na blogger said...

Loy, belated happy birthday.grabe sab ka-creative si anhin Daddy nimo pag-abot sa ijo mga ngayan.but with your unique name, you have found your niche for the town at the same time...

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