(Glossogobius giuris) is a freshwater fish native to Mainit Lake. It is called “biya” in Tagalog and “white goby or tank goby” in English. The term “pidjanga” is also sometimes fondly used to refer to the Mainitnons, the people of the Municipality of Mainit, a town in Southern Philippines. This blog hopes to capture potentials of Migrants Pidjangas for the Development of our Town by attempting to document development issues, folk stories, and current concerns, about the Pidjanga — both the fish and the people.

Minainit Series - An mga Mananap sa Mainit

Initiated by: Ranulfo Banzon Lincuna
Contributors: Mainitnon Gihapon Facebook Group

Mamang (Insects)
  1. Mayajing (bee)
  2. Kujamis (stingy bee)
  3. Suyom/mamang (black ant)
  4. Samboyanay (dragon fly)
  5. Kayambuto(big black ants)
  6. Abatud (beetle pupae)
  7. Bagang (beetle)
  8. Timos (mole cricket)
  9. Uyangito (scorpion)
  10. Kijumad - newly hatched lice
  11. Baboy-baboy - found in fine dry sand
  12. Amimispis (night cricket)
  13. Gangis (cicada)
  14. Labod (millipede)
  15. Uyahipan (centipede) - with poisonous claws
  16. Hilam (mosquito)
  17. Tighod (stingy earthworm)
  18. Hanlop - annoying small insect usually found in hen's nest
  19. Tungaw (chiggers) - very fine insect that lodged on skin)
  20. Organo (june beetle)
  21. Kaba-kaba (butterfly)
  22. Bombus (bumblebee, sipping nectar bee)
  23. Lagong (adult fly)
  24. Uyod (worm)
  25. Amomo-ong (stingy big ants)
  26. Lapinig (stingy bees)
  27. Ampo (praying mantis)
  28. Duyon (locust)
  29. Aninipot (firely)
  30. Takdo (click beetle)
  31. Tajako (japanese snail)
  32. Sambing o sapiring (moth caterpillar)
  33. Apan (grasshopper)
  34. Bijaw or dijaw (jewel beetle)
  35. Hurmigas (small red ants)
  36. Purgas (flea)
  37. Garapata (tick)
  38. Amomongos (ant) -gamatut na mamang na arang kasakit mamanga
  39. Talis
  1. Hagwason (cobra)
  2. Hugos
  3. Ibid
  4. Tambukaka (flying lizard)
  5. Alimatok (leech)
  6. Tambilayang (flying lizard)
  7. Kigwa (pinworm)
  8. Kagwang (flying lemur)
Isda (Fish)
Resident, Non-Migratory Fish:
  1. Pidjanga (mabaw) - Glossoqobius giurus (White goby/biyangputi/pidjanga)
  2. Bugwan - Ophiocara aporos (Mud gudgeon/Palawan)
  3. Hayuan - Ophicephalus striatus (Mudfish /dalag)
  4. Bugwan - Hypseleotris agilis (Goby-endemic)
  5. Pantat - Clarias sp. (Catfish/hito/pantat)
  6. Gourami - Anabas testudineus (Climbing perch/martiniko/bakag)
  7. Gabot - Puntius binotatus (Pait-Pait)
Migratory Fish
  1. Bangus - Chanos chanos (Milkfish/bangus)
  2. Bayanak - Mugil sp. (Mullet/bayanak)
  3. Gingao - Lutjanus argentimaculatus (Golden snapper/gingao)
  4. Gingao (puya) - Lutjanus johni (Red snapper/agba-on)
  5. Kasili - Anguilla sp. (Eel/kasili)
  6. Kikilo - Scatophagus argus (Spadefish/Kitang/Kikilo)
  7. Bakoko (?) - Caranx sp. (Jack/lengob/ampalan)
  8. Bolinao - Athenira sp. (Silverside/bolinao)
  9. Sinagus sp. (Rabbitfish/dayag bagu)
Introduced Species
  1. Tilapia - Oreochromis mossambica
  2. Tilapia - Oreochromis nilotica
  3. Karpa - Cyprinus carpio (Common carp)
  4. Snakeskin gourami - Trichogaster pectoralis (Gourami /Plasalit)
  5. Giant gourami - Osphronemus gorami

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SEVEN are in the town of Mainit, Surigao del Norte... of the 15 exploration permits (EP) that the Regional Office 13 (CARAGA) of the Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB) of the Environment department approved as of June 30, 2010.

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